If our time in Paris consisted of art and history, our time in Brussels was made up of chocolate and waffles. It was a food-filled several days to say the least. Aside from all the delicious-ness, Brussels too was a city full of history and beauty.

The AirBnB that we stayed at was right in the heart of the Old Town, and it couldn't have been a better, more beautiful location...

Where Paris had a consistent look of old European style to it, Brussels' look was a mixture of the old and the new.

One of our favorite places was the Grote Market/Grand Place in the Old Town.

It was absolutely beautiful, and at night, it was lit up, and hundreds of people would just sit around and spend time together.

We went on a chocolate tour where we learned about all the different kinds of Belgian chocolate. We visited different chocolate shops (there are SO many EVERYWHERE), learned about the history of chocolate in Belgium, and best of all, sampled them. Yum. They melted in our mouths and had the most wonderful taste.

We spent a day in the fairytale town of Bruges. It was dreamy. We walked around the town, went up the town Belfry, took a canal tour, and stumbled upon a dance festival that the city puts on every year where they set up stages around the town with different dance styles (disco, hip hop, ballroom, tango, Latino, etc.). It was so fun! Anyone want to help me start this in Nashville??

We saw beautiful buildings and parks throughout Brussels. And even a pretty strange, yet famous, statue.

And as mentioned before, we ate. We ate so many delicious chocolates, waffles and frites ("fries") and had a few Belgium beers too.

Overall, we had a lovely time in Belgium. The people were friendly, helpful and kind. The cities were beautiful and lively. And the treats that we ate made our time there even sweeter. It was a good reminder to seize each moment and remember that it's worth it to eat just one more chocolate. 

So today, may you eat chocolate and waffles or indulge in whatever treat your tastebuds desire. May you take advantage of each moment that you are given. And may you savor the sweet moments of life today and always...


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